Travel Blogging For Beginners

Travel Blogging For Beginners

Beyond that, writing about your adventures is fun, and creating a travel blog will allow you to earn enough money to fund even more fun adventures.

Pick A Name For Your Travel Blog

Generally, your travel blog domain name should be relatively short, and it should be easy to type, spelling, easy to remember, and easy to share. It is best to confuse the brain by writing many words that you think will best describe your blog. Adventure, Food, Culture, What do you want to write, who are you, what is your passion? Then you should write everything down and start playing with different word combinations. Try to use a tutorial. Ask your friends for advice and suggestions.

Thus, this type of domain is not the biggest for word-of-mouth marketing, and it will be an excellent promotional source when you visit and meet people. Avoid brand names or words that can use more in the industry. But such domain names are not so prominent in travel blogging because more established others have already taken over those ideas. But such domain names are not so prominent in travel blogging because more established others have already taken over those ideas. You will have good luck in the long run with a more original version. Think carefully about choosing a domain name for your travel blog because changing it later is not easy.

Set Up Hosting For Your Blog

For most websites, land on the Internet must be “rented.” A place to store all the data, files, and photos on your blog so that people around the world can easily access your domain name. Hosting can be cheap. It is better to host a new travel blog with Bluehost. There are different kinds of hosting companies out there, but Bluehost is very affordable and makes it easy to set up a new travel blog. Finally, when you have millions of visitors a month on your blog, you may want to update your hosting to a specific server. So if you are starting, getting a basic hosting account with Bluehost is more affordable.

How To Set Up Your Travel Blog

  • Click the green button on the “Get Started Now” button.
  • Choose a hosting plan based on your budget/goals.
  • Check if you have your blog name.
  • Add extra features if you want. The only feature that I can recommend is domain privacy protection. Otherwise, find out who owns your site and give anyone access to your contact information.

Install WordPress Software

To start a serious travel blog, you need a self-hosted WordPress account. Also, it means that the WordPress software exists on your host company’s clients and not on a free account.

  • You have your data and have complete control over it
  • You can sell ads on your website
  • You can install plugins and custom themes
  • You can use Google Analytics tracking

Installing WordPress with your Bluehost account is very easy – because it is done automatically at the click of a button. After installation, you can log in to the WordPress dashboard with your new username and password and start building your website.

Learn How To Use WordPress

Are you feeling intimidated by WordPress? Don’t worry. Blogging platforms have tons of useful tutorials online that will teach you about anything you need, as it is the industry standard and has been around for years. WordPress has a large library of free WordPress tutorials that will help you get started. Besides, If you are a Bluehost customer, ask customer support about Blue Flash, their free tutorial and guide series. Spend your weekend learning how to use your WordPress dashboard, how to change your website settings, and how to publish an article. You will get practically everything.

Download A Professional Theme

Your new WordPress blog comes with standard “themes” or several designs for your website. While this is great to play within the beginning, if you take this seriously and eventually expect to make money from your travel blog, you should buy a premium design. Professional blog themes cost around $ 50 and can significantly enhance the look and feel of your website. ThemeTrust is another great place to buy blog theme designs. Many professional themes provide a forum for asking you customization questions, and someone can help you get your look after using CSS / HTML encoding. Or, you can also hire a cheap web developer through freelancing to do custom design work on your website. You may want to create a cool logo. A professional logo makes your brand stand out among thousands of other travel blogs.

Install Essential Plugins

You might think of WordPress plugins as third-party applications for your travel website. They add extra features to your blog. Most plugins are free, and some you have to pay for them. You can download new plugins in your WordPress dashboard. So, this is the list of recommended plugins to install with your travel blog.


  • Yoast SEO
  • Easy Social Share Buttons
  • WP Rocket
  • Imagify

Craft Your Online Persona

The first thing you need to do on your blog is to create a page. Especially, it is one of the most popular pages on any travel blog because it explains who you are, your background, and why they should follow you. If you want to create a successful and profitable travel blog, it is important to post regularly on social media. Especially, learning how to master social media is a big topic, and I will cover more here: Secrets of Professional Travel Blogging. To get started, sign up for the most popular platforms, and if possible, keep your social media username the same for all of them. Otherwise, people may be confused. Besides, use social media to promote and support your blog. Do not build your business on a platform you can not control; it is very risky.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest

Writing Your First Blog Posts

Now is the right time to begin creating content for your travel blog. When you first start, It is better to post new articles at least 1-2 times a week. But you should remember that quality is more important than quantity! Take your time creating excellent, useful blog posts that make an impact. You want to motivate your articles to wander, but they should also include actionable tips.

In your startup, maybe tell people why you start a travel blog. Or share what you pack for the journey ahead. Share your favorite parts of a country. Give tips on fun things to do, share your crazy travel stories, show your beautiful pictures in photo essays, make a short video tour, or give food recommendations. Regardless of the topic, writing a blog post will help you understand the images, captions, and other formats that come with publishing in WordPress. It is better to try writing about different topics to find your voice and see what posts resonate with posts.

Start Making Money With Your Blog

To start making more money from your travel blog, you need to have a larger audience than family and friends. Here, the more traffic your blog gets, the more money you can make from it. But, it process takes time to build an audience and increase traffic. Be responsible, not focusing on making money right away; focus on building your audience. Affiliate programs allow you to recommend things like clothing, travel equipment, photo equipment, travel, or hotels that you stay in your blog posts. Every time someone clicks on this follow link and buys something, you earn a small commission. Another option is to display ads with Google AdSense, which allows other companies to post banner ads on your travel blog.


Creating a travel blog is easy, but please keep in mind that building an audience is tough. You should not expect to see a large number of parks for at least a year. Happy Travel Blogging!

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