Real Places To Travel In Harry Potter Movie

Real Places To Travel In Harry Potter Movie

Our childhood was an amazing one just because of the Harry Potter movie. So after watching that movie, there was a doubt to all of us that does the places in the Harry Potter movie, really existing in this world. And if these places exist, where are they? So I also had these queries in my mind. Finally, I could find some real places in the Harry Potter movie.

First of all, let’s see what are those places. Real Places To Travel In Harry Potter Movie.

Australian High Commission in the United Kingdom
Australian High Commission in the United Kingdom – Facebook

1. Australia House – Harry Potter and philosopher’s stone (Gringotts Bank)

This situated in England. If you are willing to visit this, you must visit this place on only weekdays. Because doors are only open on weekdays. I am sure now you have a doubt where this part was in the Harry Potter movie.

Well, first of all, can you remember Harry went to buy the goods that he needs for Hogwarts? yeah, finally now you know the scene of this place. Harry said he hasn’t enough money to buy those goods. After that Hagrid carried him to this bank. Because there was the money which belongs to harry. 

The Jacobite Train – Hogwarts Express Real places to travel in harrypotter

2. The Jacobite Train – Hogwarts Express

The Glenfinnan Viaduct and The Jacobite Train is just one of the other places in the Harry Potter movie series. Also this is known as one of the best railways in the world. It is a journey of about 84 miles. This located in Scotland. And also This train runs between Fort William Station and Mallaig Station. It’s called the Hogwarts Express in the Harry Potter movie, and The Jacobite Train in the real world. The train runs over the Glenfinnan viaduct.


3. Kings Cross Station London – Platform 9 3/4

This place located at King’s Cross Station in London. It is the place where you can catch the Hogwarts Express train heading to Hogwarts School. The train starts from platform 9 3/4 and ends from Hogsmeade Station. That is the end of Hogwarts Express. We call Gothland Railway Station to this Hogsmeade Station in the real world.


4. Alnwick Castle

This has built in the eleventh century. And Located in Alnwick town, Northumberland, England. Several other scenes of Harry Potter Movie have filmed in the outer part of this castle, including the scene of Harry and others learning fly to broomsticks.

5. London Zoo

You can see this in Harry Potter and Sorcerer’s Stone film. The scene of Harry talking with a python was shot in this London Zoo’s reptile house. Another important thing is, this Zoo is the World’s Oldest Scientific Zoo. Therefore it is another important point to visit this place.

Finally, Now you have an idea about these places. So Let’s meet with another post related to Real Places To Travel In Harry Potter Movie and even more like this. Do you want furthermore? Stay tune with us.


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