Kids On A Plane A Family Travel Blog

Kids On A Plane A Family Travel Blog

Are you ready for your first family vacation? Are you worried about how your kids will handle the long flight? Or maybe you’ve been on a few trips already but are always looking for ways to make it easier. If so, this blog post is for you! We’ll give you tips and tricks to make flying with kids stress-free and fun.

Tips for Traveling with Kids

After planning ahead and creating a routine, keeping your kids entertained when traveling with them is important. From finding family-friendly hotels and attractions to using a pack & play while travelling, we can provide tips and strategies for surviving air travel with kids.

Planning Ahead

Planning is essential when flying with kids, as it helps ensure the entire family is ready for a smooth journey. Before taking off, create a list of the items you need to pack, such as snacks, diapers, entertainment and comfort items. Research the airline’s policies and regulations for travelling with infants and children, such as child seat requirements. Additionally, make sure to factor in extra time for airport security checkpoints and boarding procedures. By planning ahead of time, you can help make sure your family is ready for takeoff!

Creating a Routine

Creating a routine can help make air travel with kids a much more enjoyable experience. Before the flight, talk to your child about the journey and what they can expect during their travels. Explain the importance of following rules and staying seated throughout the flight. Set expectations for behavior and ensure they know the consequences if they do not follow instructions. Establishing a routine helps kids feel safe and secure, so try to maintain as much of their routine as possible while travelling. This can include familiar activities such as reading books, playing games, or listening to music.

Keeping Kids Entertained

Keeping Kids Entertained is one of the biggest challenges when travelling with children. To make the journey more accessible and enjoyable, it is essential to plan and devise creative ways to keep the kids engaged. From downloading movies and shows onto their devices to bringing travel games or books, there are many ways to keep kids occupied during long flights. Additionally, consider letting them play before takeoff and having fun toddler aeroplane activities ready to cycle through. Finally, if flying with friends or family, ensure each adult takes turns entertaining the children, so no one gets overwhelmed!

How to Prepare Your Kids for Air Travel

Before preparing your kids for air travel, it’s essential to plan ahead and create a routine that will help keep them comfortable and entertained during the flight. There are many ways to prepare your children emotionally for the flight, such as focusing on the positives and not telling them they must sit still for a long time. Additionally, it’s important to consider how you’ll keep your children entertained during the flight, such as bringing books and toys or downloading apps that can help. Finally, consider purchasing a separate seat for your child if your budget allows, as this can help ensure a more comfortable journey.

Different Ways to Keep Children Entertained During the Flight

To ensure that your air travel experience is as stress-free as possible, it’s essential to come prepared with different ways to keep children entertained during the flight. We have several tips to help make your journey easier, from letting them pick out one toy or game to take on the plane, explaining why they can’t use the bathroom at the beginning of the flight and packing activity books for toddlers. Older children will be more invested in the trip if you get them involved in the planning process. Quizzes are a great way to have fun with a group, and bringing a small stroller that can fit on board will save time at the luggage carousel. So before you take off, make sure you plan ahead and come prepared with plenty of ways to keep your kids entertained and engaged during your flight!

Tips for Finding Family-Friendly Hotels and Attractions

With Kids on a Plane, families have access to a wealth of resources and tips to help them find family-friendly hotels and attractions. From researching accommodations online to consulting with us directly, we can help families find the perfect place to stay that meets their needs. We also advise finding attractions that will keep the family entertained and engaged. Additionally, we guide how to make the most of your vacation budget. We understand that planning for a family vacation can be stressful, but with our help, you can enjoy a memorable experience without breaking the bank.

Strategies for Surviving Air Travel with Kids

After preparing their kids for air travel, parents can use strategies to help them survive air travel with kids. Keeping a routine and having plenty of entertainment options can make the experience more enjoyable for parents and children. Additionally, parents should consider reserving an extra seat, so their kids have enough space to be comfortable. Finally, talking to other parents on the flight can also be a great way to make the experience more enjoyable for everyone. With these strategies, parents can feel more confident when taking their kids on a plane.

How to Use a Pack & Play While Traveling

Travelling with kids can be a daunting task, but there are some easy ways to make it smoother. One way to help make the process easier is to use a Pack & Play while travelling. A Pack & Play can provide a safe and comfortable place for kids to sleep and play and give parents extra peace of mind. With the right tips, you can easily use a Pack & Play while travelling to make air travel with kids more manageable.


In conclusion, travelling with kids can be a challenging but rewarding experience. With the help of Kids on a Plane, parents can gain valuable tips, tricks and insights into making their family travel more accessible and enjoyable. This blog has everything from creating routines to finding family-friendly hotels and attractions to surviving air travel with kids! For those looking for extra support, Jurga also offers family vacation consulting services. With proper preparation, families can enjoy exploring the world together.

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