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Welcome to Travel Puppies!

A single platform where you can find all your travel destinations with one click!

travelpuppies.com was created for people who love to travel.

The site was launch on the 01st of March 2020.

As our foremost goal is to declare the details regarding every corner of the world you can travel to, this site will be helpful to anyone who loves traveling.

Not only travel destinations, we here give many more instructions comes with traveling. Hence those will help you to make your journey comfortable. I am a person who passionate about traveling. Every single minute of free time is passing by, searching for new destinations. Currently, I’m working in the fire service department of the Bandaranaike International Airport as a firefighter. I love traveling and, every vacation has been spending in a beautiful location not only in Sri Lanka but around the world.

During the last 2,3 years, I have visited many countries including, Bali, India, UAE and more. But due to the coronavirus pandemic, I was unable to travel much away from Sri Lanka. But as soon as this problem is solved, I’m much waiting to go on a long trip. So wait for the charming near future.

Traveling is not just going to a location and see things. It’s the art of life. A kind of drug that is addictive once you tasted it. Once you are addicted to this, you will never be able to get detached. Our site is mainly focusing on the peoples who are already addicted. You can get any information regarding your travel destination. And also you can find new locations that you never visited before. We are always here to help you with your traveling compartment. You can reach us anytime to clear your problems. It’s our uttermost pleasure to help you with solving your traveling obstacles.

People who love traveling are always curious about everything they see, And always trying to learn new things. They meet various people and learn new things from each other. They naturally expand their friend circle. Anyone who visited our site can get awareness; about much more fascinating things that will come with your traveling.

We here give you knowledge about some primary medications that will help you while traveling. As a firefighter, I have basic knowledge about first aid, so I’m sharing it with you. So anyone can get proper knowledge and preparation before you pack your luggage.

We are giving you hints and tips to carry out your daily work while traveling. Don’t miss that parts when visiting our website.

Of course, with the new experiences that come with traveling, we are upgrading our website day by day to give you better service. There are many hidden sceneries that no one reached. We are seeking that places, and inform you, travel lovers!

So stay tuned; we will be coming soon with new destinations you to explore. Get alert on Travel puppies and be ready to walk a long journey around the world.

Thank you for visiting our site travelpuppies.com

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